Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Remembering my Daddy on Father's Day.  He passed away 43 years ago this month.  He was my hero.  He loved to play with all the kids and give them nick names.  He loved sports, racing, fishing and building our beloved lake home.  He had a big heart and helped many people who were down on there luck.  He knew he was blessed and played it forward.  He never got to meet his grandsons or his great grand children.  He would have been so proud of each of them.  He came from a family of seven children and always wanted a large family.  His name was Arthur Wilson Scott but as a young boy acquired the nickname of "Sim" and it stuck throughout his life.  In fact many people did not even know what his real name was.  According to Aunt Mary he got this name because when he was little he would keep saying "Did you see me do that?" and it went from Seme to Sim.   I know he is up there looking down at how his family has grown, smiling, thinking to himself, alright now we got enough to make a team!  I love you Daddy. 

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