Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Got this super cute card in the mail this week. Don't know who the photographer was to give them credit but love the cupid idea! Been busy this week making mini closets for the girls American Girl doll clothes and accessories. If they turn out well I will put a picture on here. For now I will tell you it is made out of a cardboard box with a dowel, wall paper, borders, paint and a medium size plastic three drawer container plus wooden drawer pulls as door knobs. When I was a little girl a family friend made me one and then sewed the doll clothes to put in it. Fast forward fifty years and I am trying to make one for my grand daughters. Thank goodness for the invention of American Girl Doll clothes cause I could never sew them! LOL

Friday, February 12, 2010

Go Daddyo !

I just had to laugh out loud when I got this picture! Cory is usually so conservative. Guess there is just no end to what Daddy's will do to please there little girls. The big smile just says it all, what fun they must of had. "Go Daddyo!, all blinged out by Sarah Beth!"