Sunday, June 28, 2009

Welcome Home

It has got to be hard to be a military family. Having to leave your family for long periods of time and vice versa, waiting at home for your loved one to come home. One thing is for sure the Homecomings are great! This week we are awaiting one of ours to come home. Love you Cory can't wait for you to be home!


Valerey said...

As a military baby I remember when my dad would come home from his tour....all the sailors lined up around the ships....what a site! What a great page..and great reminder of my childhood!

Debbie said...

Thanks for making this. I'll make sure that Cory sees it.

Carla Rae said...

I have to cousins in the Airforce and One (Jessie) does go out on Flight missions and I'm always anxious to here of her safe arrival back. Take Care of your Military Family! Wishing them a speedy return!