Monday, September 22, 2008

Crop - a - Palooza a Big Success

We had a great time! We literally shopped and cropped until we dropped! LOL Valery was my roomie, Annette was my twin with a sweater just like mine, Jeris was my go to person when I needed something I didn't have, Aleta and Jenny provided much comic relief. We met many new friends including Aleta's sister, Oma and Jenny's friend Ellen. I won first prize in a altered art contest! Woo Hoo! I alerted a place mat into Halloween refrigerator art. Janet from 'Pictures in Time' better know as the 'Pit Stop' presented me with my winnings. I came home with the Janome mini sewing machine which I am absolutely loving. We all agreed we had a great time and would go back next year.

P.S. Someday I will remember to load the pictures backwards :-(

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Jeris Tyre said...

I wanted to add my comment that we had a FABULOUS time this weekend. I am hoping it is a yearly event for us!