Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to All

Remembering my Mother, Ruth Irene this Mother's day, 1917 to 1997.  She grew up during the depression era and lost her Mother at a young age.  Our home was always neat, clean and stylishly decorated for the times.  She loved fashion.  She worked for many years as the assistant buyer for Miriam's Town Shop and loved working in the store.  She also sewed dresses for me that rivaled what was in the stores.  She also worked in a bank and loved math.  I dare anyone to out "figure" her!  She loved her grandsons dearly and loved to dress them up.  She never got to meet her five great grand children but I know she would have been so proud of them.  Her favorite flowers were roses.  I always think of her when the roses in my garden are blooming.  I love you Mom and you are not forgotten.    

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