Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What fun we had !

It was great to get away to Patrick's home this year for Christmas. It was decorated so cute ! I just love looking at their ornaments and hearing the stories behind them. This year I got all the men Atlanta Brave's snowmen since they had all attended a game together earlier this year. Of course the new baby got one for his first Christmas. This year we got to go to a beautifully decorated home where the lights were connected to music on the radio. This was a real treat and it was so much fun to watch the baby watching the lights. They also had a donation box for the American Cancer Society. Maggie Beth and I braved the cold weather and ran to the box with our donation. We all missed having the V.B. clan with us this year. Maggie Beth especially missed Sarah Beth. Maggie Beth says "she's my girl!" I had never heard her say that before, so sweet. We did get to talk on the phone and that helped some. I hope to get some pictures soon from them to post here. Saturday we got to take Maggie Beth to the movie. We saw the "Chipmonks, The Sequel". Her favorites were the girl chipmonks singing 'Shake what your Moma gave you!" LOL It all ended much to quick and Sunday we were back on the road with what seemed like a million other people headed for home. We were so blessed with a safe trip and time to spend with much loved family.

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