Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Finds

On a recent excursion I was able to bring home a couple of great finds! Not the cat but the printers typeset tray and the window frame. A while back I ran across a typeset tray that had been turned into a super neat scrap book display, can't wait to start working on that. I also have similar plans for the window frame. Now lets see how long it will take me to complete these projects. While out on our excursion had to keep the hubby awake and alert with a little goodness from Starbucks! Love that stuff!


Carla Rae said...

So Jealous that you got the printers typeset tray...Ive been looking for one for years...don't know what I'd do with it...I'm just drawn to it...LOL

Beth said...

Hey! I have several of those! Will you share your ideas? PLease, please,please:-)

Carla said...

Beth I will be posting some pictures this weekend.